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Every good MechWarrior should know how to use new technologies, no matter how rare or complicated. C3 computer systems are an example. C3 network consists of a C3 Master computer equipped mech, and up to three C3 Slave computer equipped mechs. C3 system provides easier communication between the mechs hooked into the network, and thus improves weapons play tremendously by lowering the BTH. How this works you ask? Well any mech hooked into the C3 network can use targetting data of other mechs in the network, thus all mechs with LOS on a target get the lowest BTH of everyone in the network for that target.

Also, the unit with the C3Master computer also has a built-in TAG system with his C3M computer allowing him to spot for Semiguided LRMs or Artillery fire just like the normal TAG system can.

Commands for implementing a C3 network:

c3master <ID> 
This will link a slave computer with a master computer where ID is the master's field ID letters.
Displays all targets seen by your C3 network.
c3message <message> 
Sends <message> to all C3 units in your network.

NOTE: It is rumored that Comstar Forces have an Improved C3 network that does not require slave or master computers. These computers simply link up into each other and recieve the same benefits as the normal C3 Networks do.

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